Serving You With Respect And Professionalism

More Than 10 Years Of Reliable Business Law Service

Your success in the realm of business can depend heavily on the attorney you choose to represent you. For wise, experienced counsel, you can rely on me – attorney Dave Miller.

From my law office in Belleair Bluffs, I work with business entities and individuals throughout western Florida to facilitate successful transactions, ensure they comply with regulations and resolve any disputes. With more than a decade of experience under my belt, you can rely on David Miller Law, PLLC, for all your business law needs.

Starting Your Company On The Right Foot

A solid foundation in the law is the key to success for a new company. As general counsel for a variety of entrepreneurs, I know this well. There are many reasons why a small business should have a lawyer on their side, including:

  • Selecting the right business entity
  • Ensuring regulatory compliance
  • Preventing or resolving disputes
  • Commercial leasing issues
  • Avoiding litigation or triumphing in a lawsuit

As your attorney, I assist with every aspect of business formation and planning, including succession planning and setting up an exit strategy. My goal is to set you up for both short-term and long-term success.

Making Fair Contracts That Uphold Your Rights

Before you sign any kind of business contract, you should have me review it. I ensure that the other signatories do not intend to take advantage of you. In addition, I can draft legally sound contracts regarding employment, transactions, disclosure and more.

Discuss Business Law Counsel In A Consultation

Trustworthy, experienced business law advice is worth its weight in gold. When you need an ally for your company, David Miller Law, PLLC, is available to help. Call 727-605-5932 or send me an email to set up an initial consultation about my services.