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Student Loan Defense

Are you being sued for student loans you’re unable to pay back? With the never-ending yearly increase in tuition, this has become a serious problem for many students throughout the country. An experienced student loan lawyer can help you to navigate this process.

Private Student Loans vs. Federal Student Loans

If you have private student loans, the debt is treated similar to credit card debt. The student loan holder will have to sue you to recover any funds that they claim you owe. You’ll have an opportunity to defend yourself and raise numerous defenses. When it comes to Federal Student loans, you are in a much tougher position. The Government has numerous options which can be utilized such as garnishments, seizing tax refunds, and stopping certain federal benefits from going to you.

Our Office Can Help!

David J. Miller, Esq., with David Miller Law, PLLC, is a student loan defense lawyer who helps consumers defend their student loan actions. My firm aggressively fights student loan lawsuits, with the largest company initiating these actions being National Collegiate Student Loan Trust.

If you have been sued for a student loan, call a student loan defense lawyer asap. David Miller Law, PLLC can help fight your lawsuit and can be reached at (727) 744-8356 for a consultation.